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The air conditioners are very popular and people dream about owning it

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Owning an air conditioner is the dream of many. This appliance is responsible for air conditioning closed spaces, allowing the ambient temperature to be regulated. It is it that guarantees more comfortable nights during the summer and thermal comfort throughout the year. However, when installing air conditioning, some care must be taken, especially if you have opted for the Split model. Follow us and find out what these care is and how to ensure the best performance of your air conditioner!

How do they work and what are the benefits of Split models?

The Split models are those formed from two parts the evaporator, responsible for the exit of the air in the internal environment, and the condenser located on the outside. The advantages of this type of model are many. Besides the smaller noise, since the engine of the device is in the outside of the environment, the Split appliances have the most modern technologies for your comfort. One of them is the Inverter technology, which guarantees stability of the temperature in the environment and a reduction of up to 60% in the light bill, compared to the common models. In order to know more about Air conditioning installation Geelong, you can always check the web portals.

What should I do to install Split Air Conditioning?

To install the Split or Split Inverter model in your home, you must take three precautions to know the structure it needs, to define the location to be installed and to check your electrical network.

The details of each of these cares are as follows

1) Know the structure for air conditioning

As we explained, in the case of Split appliances, one part is inside and the other outside the house. Therefore, you should keep this in mind, remembering that the two parts will be connected by copper tubing. Anyone who is building a home does not have this problem, as you can plan for the piping to be inside the walls, as well as cables, electrical wires, and drain water. However, if this is not your case, you should think carefully about the place your appliance will be placed, since the greater the distance between the parts, the greater the cost of labor and material.

2) Define the installation location of the appliance

In addition to considering the two parts that make up the air conditioner for installation, you must also think that its tubing should not interfere with the water pipes and sewage of the house, nor the power grid. Another tip is to avoid walls that get too much sun. This may end up overloading the air conditioner. Remember that the evaporator needs to be sanitized from time to time and therefore it should be kept in an easily accessible location.

3) Check the electrical network of the residence

Lastly, it is important to check the house’s electrical network before installing. Generally, Split models require 220v power. Therefore, your network must provide this voltage. Otherwise, you can request a change from the responsible energy distributor.