The roof of any house is the one that is exposed the most to dust and grime. It is endlessly in contact with the sunlight, wind, and is also susceptible to molds and mildew along with discoloration that finally occurs. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to know how to clean roof  shingles and the reputable roofing contractors know how to do it! The exposure to these harsh elements can go on to damage the shingles and this, in turn, will need an extremely expensive repair. Also, a roof that is clean can make the house more valuable and good to look at and attract buyers to it.

There are lots of people and professionals as well who use power washers to clean roofs and roof shingles. However, this is not a way to get rid of deep-rooted mildew and molds. Even if you use a pressure washer you can use these steps to further clean your roof to rid your roof of the mold and mildew. Pour hot water in a plastic bucket and a cup of plain chlorine bleach and a cup of any laundry detergent. The laundry detergent can be liquid or powder. Wear gloves and safety goggles to protect you from the abrasives. Ensure that you have shoes with a good grip and climb on to the roof.

Then, pour the solution with a garden spray on the roof. Ensure that you pour this liquid generously and evenly over the shingles so as to reach every nook and crevice. In dry and hot weather, pour the liquid over the shingles and let it dry. Let the liquid remain on the roof for not less than fifteen minutes as that is the only way to kill the mildew and molds. This is one of the most effective ways to clean roof shingles.

The way to clean the roof is using long-handled brushes with large bristles. Reapply the solution and allow it to dry in between. Move upwards one by one from the area. This is the way that you should clean the whole roof step by step. During the second time that you rinse the roof, all the debris will get dislodged and washed off. As you are doing this ensure that you clean the gutters as this can also be the harboring ground for molds and mildews.